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2020 Year End Announcements


With 2020 wrapping up there will be several vacancies to be filled for the 2021 Board. Several of the current Board Members are already serving an additional year or two beyond their initial appointment.  Please consider helping our neighborhood and neighbors! If you are interested there is no experience required. Please contact and we will be happy to discuss the roles and responsibilities and hopefully put your name on the 2021 ballot. We really do need your help.

We have already looked into conducting the required Annual Meeting at the local library, however, at this time, with the current COVID 19 meeting and gathering restrictions, meeting at one of the Chesterfield Libraries is not an option for the February 2021 Annual Meeting. We will continue to check with the library for updates on their meeting policy and will let you know through the website and emails the time and location of the 2021 Annual Board Meeting.

The Board is looking into forming a committee to review and update the community by-laws to include the architecture guidelines. Our current documents are almost 30 years old and we have made only minor changes over the years. It is time to review the documents and bring them up to date. We need your help, to volunteer for the committee please respond to this email or contact us at While we work to update the covenants and By-Laws we would like to remind everyone of our responsibilities to maintain our properties IAW the these documents. If there is ever a question please contact a member of the Board, through the website, we are here to help.

The annual dues assessment notices and Board of Directors ballots will be sent out in separate communications towards the end of the year using both USPS and email

With the above in mind the Board will implement a modest due increase of 5% to $236/year for 2021 in accordance with the current By-Laws. This increase covers the ongoing front entrance maintenance to includes plants and the fences, grass cutting and maintenance, water bills, insurance and legal fees. We hope you noticed the front entrance fence line. Last Spring we did major repairs, power washing and painting. We are looking to get another 4 or 5 years of useful life from the current fence and then we will have to consider a complete replacement.

 For the long term the Board may have to consider a special assessment to fund the costs of replacing the trees in the front entrance median and the front entrance fences. The fences and trees were installed/planted nearly 30 years. The trees are reaching their end-of-life. There are approximately 13 trees left with the potential for more to be re-planted when needed. Historical estimates to remove and replace with the same variety have ranged considerably. Although the fence was repaired this year more repairs and painting will be needed over the next several years. At some time in the not so distant future a new fence may be the most cost-effective alternative for the long term.  Our dues and operating budgets do not support these sorts of major expenses and still maintaining a small reserve for contingencies. We are exploring the options and costs and welcome constructive suggestions from you.

Thanks for all your continued support! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Board or an individual Board Member. 

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